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RNMS totebag

RNMS considers color contrast the most important thing. Each part of the bag is expressed in different colors. The exterior is as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on the color. And there is a pocket inside the bag, so you can store your cell phone, wallet, etc. And this bag has waterproof function. There are 6 colors in the strap, so you can choose according to your preference. Also, you can show the handle or not depending on your preference when you carry a bag.

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Milano System

Sleek and versatile, the Milano System is a modular urban backpack 100% Made-in-Italy and designed to meet the dynamic lifestyle needs. Featuring modularity, the Milano System allows customization by combining different modules that can be easily attached and detached from the core pack. It is made with functionality in mind and can be customized by combining the following modules: Milano Backpack - the main pack, Laptop Organizer, Anchor, Everyday Block, Packing Block. The clean design in lightweight nylon and embossed hi-tech fabrics creates both an urban and timeless look.

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This series of works is designed as bags and bags assembled through shoulder straps and zippers after 3D printing of translucent resin materials. Unique photosensitive color bubble shape gives users a novel use experience. In today's market, bags and suitcases have gone beyond their functions, showing the identity and personality of users from all angles. This style takes bubble elements as modeling inspiration, and photosensitive and color changing materials as the main body material.

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2022 Phantasm

Gender-neutral pure wool scarves with unique digitally-printed contemporary patterns produced using a bespoke software programmed called Mov.i.see that uses body movement to transform digital data and reveal organic details not possible solely by computer programming. Mov.i.see enables the designer to create asymmetrical and non-repeat patterns, resulting in multifaceted and playful scarves that can be worn in different ways according to the mood or occasion, and are unlike any other products in the textiles or fashion accessories market.

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Tube Collection

The formed travel collection for NIO focuses on bringing the comfort and security of home with you as your move from A to B. It refers to your home space but also the key feature of the collection, bringing softness and protection. The product is inspired by the common bubble column in life, with a unique soft and wrapping feeling. The air wrapped inside gives the user a sense of suspension, making the product less visually heavy. The series provides users with a metaphor about home, so that they can experience such comfortable feeling at any time.

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Origami-like folds, a single structure consisting of triangular segments, but wraps things like apple sauce. There are new geometric folding surface became a solid calling case. The Clutch bag’s behaviour is completely differ from other any case and opening and closing movements is quite innovative way to use. That is made up of several triangle segments and those each segment edge is define each next segments direction and position. Magnets organise the unimpeded closing behavior. From the functions, the looks like a crystal that reflect all surrounding lights gracefully.

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