Jewelry Set by Ting G

Ting G Reveals The Morrows Jewelry Set

Ting G, the creator of the displayed design Ting G's Morrows Jewelry set says, Morrows explores all kinds of connections, through feeling, touching. Most importantly it explores new way to connect pearls inspired by our vertebral system. Vertebr <Cropped>

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Shark Line 46-Pleasure Boat (yacht) by Janus Huang

Janus Huang Designs The Shark Line 46 Pleasure Boat (yacht)

Janus Huang, the lead designer of the awarded project Janus Huang's Shark Line 46 Pleasure Boat (Yacht) says, This clean design is inspired by shark. Sharks’ hunting process, killing speed and the mystery of waiting its prey transparency to th <Cropped>

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Cigarette/Gum Bin:smartstreets-smartbin™ by Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish

Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish Portrays The Smartstreets-smartbin™ Cigarette/Gum Bin

Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish, the creator of the awarded project Smartstreets-Smartbin™ by Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish points out, A multiple patented litter bin with unique capabilities, the Smartbin™ complements existing street infrastruct <Cropped>

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Baby Furniture by Aija Priede-Sietina and Daneks Sietins

Aija Priede-Sietina and Daneks Sietins Reveals The Bird&berry Collection Baby Furniture

Aija Priede-Sietina And Daneks Sietins, the architect of the displayed project baby furniture by Aija Priede-Sietina And Daneks Sietins explicates, With bird&berry collection we tried to find a balance between parents and child's understandi <Cropped>

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Leather Bags by Toyish Projects

Toyish Projects Illustrates The Self-Origami Leather Leather Bags

Toyish Projects, the thinktank behind the displayed design Leather Bags by Toyish Projects explains, No more hand stitching in leather products, but the concept of origami can do perfectly. By Toyish Projects exquisite slotting system, people can hav <Cropped>

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Graphis Design Annual 2016

The Largest and Most Anticipated Competition, Design Annual 2016 Will Feature The Most Visually Compelling Design Work of The Year!

The largest and most anticipated competition, design annual 2016 will feature the most visually compelling design work of the year!.

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Crawl Lamp by Napoleon M Haboc

Napoleon M Haboc Spotlights The Crawl Lamp Contemporary Desk Lamp

Napoleon M Haboc, the author of the awarded work CONTEMPORARY DESK LAMP by Napoleon M Haboc illustrates, CRAWL LAMP is a unique contemporary desk lamp. Base and shade design has its striking feature which combines simplicity and geometric form . It h <Cropped>

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Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2-sweater/Vess Backpack Design by Terence Simmons

Terence Simmons Presents The Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 Sweater/Vess Backpack Design

Terence Simmons, the architect of the displayed project Sweater/vess backpack design:Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 by Terence Simmons illustrates, Unique properties are, the fusion of the sweater backpack. The Gen 2 Swack Fusion pack has newer materials an <Cropped>

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Vodka Bottle by Adrian Munoz

Adrian Munoz Portrays The Snowflake Vodka Vodka Bottle

Adrian Munoz, the creative mind behind the award winning work Snowflake Vodka - Vodka Bottle by Adrian Munoz says, I got inspired by the simplicity and in the same time complexity of a snowflake. Most of the time we just pass through life without eve <Cropped>

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