Meline by Eliane Zakhem

Eliane Zakhem Demonstrates The Meline Stool

Eliane Zakhem, the author of the highlighted work Eliane Zakhem's Meline Stool explains, Meline is an innovative stool with storage. Its minimal design features a shelf and a peg for hanging a jacket and a bag. The shelf is ideal for storing stu <Cropped>

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Award Winning Musketeers Stools

Rachelle Dagñalan Portrays The Musketeers Stools

Rachelle Dagñalan, the designer of the award winning design Stools:Musketeers by Rachelle Dagñalan explicates, The Musketeers. Simple. Elegant. Functional. The Musketeers are three-legged stools made of powder-coated aluminum bent into shape with l <Cropped>

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A Fashion Brand’s Chain Store by Lam Wai Ming

Lam Wai Ming Shares The Trend Platter a Fashion Brand’s Chain Store

Lam Wai Ming, the project leader of the highlighted work Lam Wai Ming's Trend Platter a fashion brand’s chain store demonstrates, As a brisk illustration of the brand’s features of “variety” and “mix-and-match”, “Trend Platter” b <Cropped>

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Calendar:calendar 2015 “botanical Life” by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Shows The Calendar 2015 “botanical Life” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the maker of the award winning work Calendar:Calendar 2015 “Botanical Life” by Katsumi Tamura explicates, Botanical Life is a calendar highlighting beautiful plant life in a single sheet. Open the sheet and set on the base to enjo <Cropped>

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Public Space Design Competition: "precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport"

Improve Our Health and Our Environment. Create Original Street/Urban Furniture Using Precast Concrete With The Theme of Sports. Think Oustide The Frame. Consider Design For All, Sustainable Development

Improve our health and our environment. create original street/urban furniture using precast concrete with the theme of sports. think oustide the frame. consider design for all, sustainable development..

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Rotation Saw-Power Saw by Hoyoung Lee

Hoyoung Lee Designs The Rotation Saw Power Saw

Hoyoung Lee, the project leader of the awarded work Hoyoung Lee's Rotation Saw Power Saw explains, A Power Chain Saw with a Revolving Handle. This chain has a handle that revolves 360° and stops at predefined angles. In general, people cut tree <Cropped>

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Le Maestro by Herman Francisco Delos Santos

Herman Francisco Delos Santos Creates The Le Maestro Modern Dress Loafer

Herman Francisco Delos Santos, the creator of the award winning project Le Maestro - Modern Dress Loafer by Herman Francisco Delos Santos points out, Le Maestro revolutionizes the dress shoe by incorporating a Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS) titan <Cropped>

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Aedas's Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University Architecture-Education Facility

Aedas Designs The Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University Architecture-Education Facility

Aedas, the project leader of the highlighted design Architecture - Education facility by Aedas points out, The university is located in Suzhou, where the famous Taihu stone is unearthed. The design of the Administration Information Building was inspi <Cropped>

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Join The New Generations Platform-2nd Edition

If You Are a Young Students, New Graduate, Architects, Designer, Artist, or Creative-send Us Your Video Interview to Join The New Generation Platform and Get Involved in Our Activities

If you are a young students, new graduate, architects, designer, artist, or creative - send us your video interview to join the new generation platform and get involved in our activities..

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Lido Cafe by Mario J Lotti

Mario J Lotti Demonstrates The Lido Cafe Live Music Bar

Mario J Lotti, the maker of the awarded work Mario J Lotti's Lido Cafe Live music bar says, The First floor is an under water experience and the Second floor is an above water experience. The underwater experience includes a light organ as stage <Cropped>

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