Decorative Textile by Cristina Orozco Cuevas

Cristina Orozco Cuevas Reveals The Lasso Decorative Textile

Cristina Orozco Cuevas, the lead designer of the awarded design lasso - decorative textile by Cristina Orozco Cuevas explicates, Lasso as a definition is a long rope with a running noose at one end. Instead of being inspired in; this textile is a res <Cropped>

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Arte Laguna Prize 14.15

Arte Laguna Prize Is An International Art Competition, Open to All, With Free Theme and No Age Restrictions. Its Aim Is to Promote and Enhance The Artists and Their Career by Offering a Range of Opportunities For a Total Endowment of € 180, 000

Arte laguna prize is an international art competition, open to all, with free theme and no age restrictions. its aim is to promote and enhance the artists and their career by offering a range of opportunities for a total endowment of € 180,000..

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World Design Hub 2015

Dublin, Ireland Has Been Named World Design Hub 2015

Dublin, Ireland was designated as World Design Hub 2015. In summary, this means a series of design events and activities to be held in Dublin and Ireland. Activities such as design exhibitions, conferences, workshops, symposiums, and awards will be a <Cropped>

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Foo-Home by Eric Leung

Eric Leung Portrays The Foo Home

Eric Leung, the lead designer of the displayed project Eric Leung's Foo Home spells out, The client is a private person who also wanted a gallery-like space for entertaining and housing her retro-modern furniture and her art work collection. The <Cropped>

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Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review

This Is a Review of The Interior Design Book Room Released by Phaidon

Quick summary: It is a big coffee book with lots of images of good looking interior designs, curated by 10 editors, suggested for any interior designers who want to have a heavy yet beautiful book to get inspiration. Some pages contains blueprints or <Cropped>

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Powertower by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Shares The Powertower Wooden Toy Set

Hakan Gürsu, the architect of the award winning work Wooden Toy Set:PowerTower by Hakan Gürsu demonstrates, Power Tower is a wooden toy set for kids above the age of 5.Within a set there are 37 different pieces which consist of 7 domes, 15 facades, <Cropped>

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Seven Chakras by Qiang Shen

Qiang Shen Discloses The Seven Chakras Multifunctional Experience Pavilion

Qiang Shen, the creator of the awarded design Qiang Shen's Seven Chakras Multifunctional Experience Pavilion illustrates, In the space plane it looks like a meditating person, and the seven pillars in this plane just accord with the seven chakra <Cropped>

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Designers Day Logo Redesign

Become a Design Hero by Designing The Designers Day Logo-An Annual Day Each Year That Celebrates The Design Profession. Think and Illustrate a New Designers’ Day Logo – Graphic Symbol Which Confronts The Following Technical Requirements: 1. The Logo

Become a design hero by designing the designers day logo - an annual day each year that celebrates the design profession. think and illustrate a new designers’ day logo – graphic symbol which confronts the following technical requirements: 1. the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Tgtl-Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle Olive Oil Bottle

Guilherme Jardim Illustrates The Tgtl-Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle Olive Oil Bottle

Guilherme Jardim, the thinktank behind the displayed work TGTL - EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL BOTTLE - Olive oil bottle by Guilherme Jardim points out, This design is an exclusive unique bottle. The bottle is made by glass and painted with a gradient from <Cropped>

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Logo Design Brief

Graphic Designers Must Ask These Twenty Logo Design Questions to Their Design Clients to Design The Most Appropriate Logo

Brand Name (Logo Wording) as it should appear in logo: This is the name that would be used in the logo graphic, if this is a multilingual logo project, please provide multiple names. It is important to clearly write the Brand Name. The Brand Name sho <Cropped>

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