Award Winning Musketeers Stools

Rachelle Dagñalan Portrays The Musketeers Stools

Rachelle Dagñalan, the designer of the award winning design Stools:Musketeers by Rachelle Dagñalan explicates, The Musketeers. Simple. Elegant. Functional. The Musketeers are three-legged stools made of powder-coated aluminum bent into shape with l <Cropped>

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A Fashion Brand’s Chain Store by Lam Wai Ming

Lam Wai Ming Shares The Trend Platter a Fashion Brand’s Chain Store

Lam Wai Ming, the project leader of the highlighted work Lam Wai Ming's Trend Platter a fashion brand’s chain store demonstrates, As a brisk illustration of the brand’s features of “variety” and “mix-and-match”, “Trend Platter” b <Cropped>

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Calendar:calendar 2015 “botanical Life” by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Shows The Calendar 2015 “botanical Life” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the maker of the award winning work Calendar:Calendar 2015 “Botanical Life” by Katsumi Tamura explicates, Botanical Life is a calendar highlighting beautiful plant life in a single sheet. Open the sheet and set on the base to enjo <Cropped>

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Public Space Design Competition: "precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport"

Improve Our Health and Our Environment. Create Original Street/Urban Furniture Using Precast Concrete With The Theme of Sports. Think Oustide The Frame. Consider Design For All, Sustainable Development

Improve our health and our environment. create original street/urban furniture using precast concrete with the theme of sports. think oustide the frame. consider design for all, sustainable development..

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Rotation Saw-Power Saw by Hoyoung Lee

Hoyoung Lee Designs The Rotation Saw Power Saw

Hoyoung Lee, the project leader of the awarded work Hoyoung Lee's Rotation Saw Power Saw explains, A Power Chain Saw with a Revolving Handle. This chain has a handle that revolves 360° and stops at predefined angles. In general, people cut tree <Cropped>

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Le Maestro by Herman Francisco Delos Santos

Herman Francisco Delos Santos Creates The Le Maestro Modern Dress Loafer

Herman Francisco Delos Santos, the creator of the award winning project Le Maestro - Modern Dress Loafer by Herman Francisco Delos Santos points out, Le Maestro revolutionizes the dress shoe by incorporating a Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS) titan <Cropped>

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Aedas's Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University Architecture-Education Facility

Aedas Designs The Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University Architecture-Education Facility

Aedas, the project leader of the highlighted design Architecture - Education facility by Aedas points out, The university is located in Suzhou, where the famous Taihu stone is unearthed. The design of the Administration Information Building was inspi <Cropped>

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Join The New Generations Platform-2nd Edition

If You Are a Young Students, New Graduate, Architects, Designer, Artist, or Creative-send Us Your Video Interview to Join The New Generation Platform and Get Involved in Our Activities

If you are a young students, new graduate, architects, designer, artist, or creative - send us your video interview to join the new generation platform and get involved in our activities..

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Lido Cafe by Mario J Lotti

Mario J Lotti Demonstrates The Lido Cafe Live Music Bar

Mario J Lotti, the maker of the awarded work Mario J Lotti's Lido Cafe Live music bar says, The First floor is an under water experience and the Second floor is an above water experience. The underwater experience includes a light organ as stage <Cropped>

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James Lee's Paperclip Armrest Armrest For High-Density Seating

James Lee Reveals The Paperclip Armrest Armrest For High-Density Seating

James Lee, the author of the displayed project Paperclip Armrest - Armrest for high-density seating by James Lee says, The Paperclip Armrest is a dual-level armrest that allows neighboring occupants to use the same armrest at the same time- useful in <Cropped>

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