Design Welcome-Urban Furnishing Design Contest

Design a Welcome Urban Furnishing Design For The Entrance Path of The 2015 Edition of The Artverona|art Project Fair.artverona|art Project Fair, On The Occasion of Its Tenth Edition (9-13 October 2014) and of Its Recent Acquisition by Veronafiere, Leader

Design a welcome urban furnishing design for the entrance path of the 2015 edition of the artverona|art project fair.Artverona|art project fair, on the occasion of its tenth edition (9-13 october 2014) and of its recent acquisition by veronafiere, le <Cropped>

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Marcelo Lopes Design's Caesar Park Hotels and Resorts Design Strategy

Marcelo Lopes Design Spotlights The Caesar Park Hotels and Resorts Design Strategy

Marcelo Lopes Design, the creator of the award winning work Design Strategy:Caesar Park Hotels and Resorts by Marcelo Lopes Design illustrates, The main goal of this new project was to save resources. Results include: fifty percent reduction in the n <Cropped>

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Award Winning Calendar 2013 “waterwheel” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura Designs The Calendar 2013 “waterwheel” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the creative mind behind the award winning work calendar 2013 “Waterwheel” by Katsumi Tamura explains, The Waterwheel is a three-dimensional calendar made from six paddles assembled in the shape of a waterwheel. Rotate a unique st <Cropped>

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Switch-3-in-1 Portable Bluetooth® Speaker by Fabien Nauroy

Fabien Nauroy Shows The Switch 3-in-1 Portable Bluetooth® Speaker

Fabien Nauroy, the maker of the highlighted work SWITCH - 3-in-1 portable Bluetooth® Speaker by Fabien Nauroy explicates, Native Union’s SWITCH is a powerful, portable Bluetooth® speaker, conference call unit and mobile powerbank. Its simple desi <Cropped>

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Design Management Europe (dme) Award

Be a Winner of The Only International Design Management Award! The Dme Award Recognises Successful Design Management and Demonstrates How Strategic Practice of Design Management Gives a Competitive Edge

Be a winner of the only international design management award! the dme award recognises successful design management and demonstrates how strategic practice of design management gives a competitive edge. .

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Ashurn by Tinne Debruijne

Tinne Debruijne Spotlights The Unspoken Words Ashurn

Tinne Debruijne, the lead designer of the displayed design Unspoken words by Tinne Debruijne says, Saying goodbye to someone precious. The pain The sadness The sudden absence and total void. Unanswered questions and fear of the unknown. "I still <Cropped>

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Karr Yip and Wilson Lee's Mount Davis Youth Hostel Hospitality

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee Designs The Mount Davis Youth Hostel Hospitality

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee, the project leader of the award winning project Mount Davis Youth Hostel - Hospitality by Karr Yip and Wilson Lee demonstrates, Mount Davis Youth Hostel – Living with Our Military History The hostel is sitting at the middle <Cropped>

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Twoforone Productions-Corporate Identity by Elia Pittavino

Elia Pittavino Portrays The Twoforone Productions Corporate Identity

Elia Pittavino, the maker of the awarded work Award Winning Twoforone Productions Corporate Identity explicates, The brand twoforone productions is designed with specular elements, with a central hexagon that symbolizes the concept/primary product. T <Cropped>

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Lumion Visualization Competition 2014

Lumion: Kids Can Win $30, 000 Cash! Use Lumion to Create The Best Architectural Video You Can and Win!

Lumion: kids can win $30,000 cash! use lumion to create the best architectural video you can and win!.

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Award Winning Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle

Dimitrios Spyropoulos Shares The Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle

Dimitrios Spyropoulos, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Multifunctional Bicycle by Dimitrios Spyropoulos says, Transportation, recreation, racing... Undoubtedly, the variety of functions that a bicycle can perform is impressive. What woul <Cropped>

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