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This is the smallest of three bags from the iconic design collection named TOKYO. The trademark of this assortment: The hand-embossed surfaces with 3D-diamond structure. The leather surface remains stitch free, soft and flexible at the same time. Every Bag has specials, so the Clutch: Hidden magnets on the side delicately shape the zipper for a perfect finish. A removable black chain or a nylon-leather-strap will keep your hands free. The Tokyo Collection from von rauten is multi-awarded and the design is protected.

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Luminare leather handbags are made in Italy with electronics and final assembly in San Francisco. They feature a handle on the top with an optional cross-body shoulder strap and a half-circumference zipper. The front panel features changeable glowing artwork and the back panel holds the magnetic charging port (like an iMac) and a button that controls the features. Inside the handbag is an interior light and a universal phone charger with a battery capable of charging your phone and power the light for 12 hours!

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Topographic inspired design tote bag, to serve as an easy carryall, especially during those busy days spent shopping or running errands. The Tote bag capacity is like a mountain and can hold or carry many things. The oracle bone is form the overall structure of the bag, the topographic map form to be surface material just like a mountain uneven surface.

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RiutBag X35

RiutBag X35 puts travel security and flexibility first. It uses a unique origami folding mechanism to change capacity when a traveller needs more or less space. Just one travel bag can be used in compact mode for the commute or expanded to maximum airline cabin allowance. It is built for the solo traveller, commuter and airline passenger. RiutBag X35 is secure by design: its zips are hidden against the wearer's back, so it is automatically secure every time it is used.

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Xiao Jing

In my childhood , people used to pack up their luggage with leather straps when they traveled, it was a good way to prevent the luggage from breaking up during the trip. This element is applied to the suitcase: the front shape of "#", like straps that are used to pack up luggage, and the "X" pattern at the intersection is like sewing thread. These unique elements enable this suitcase to be quickly identified among other products during the trip.

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Qwerty Elemental

Just like typewriters’ design evolution shows the transformation from a highly complex visual form to the clean-lined, simple geometric form, Qwerty-elemental is the embodiment of strength, symmetry, and simplicity. Constructive steel parts made by various craftsmen are distinctive visual feature of the product, which gives the bag an architectonic appearance. The essential peculiarity of the bag are two typewriter’s keys which are self manufactured and assembled by the designer herself.

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